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100% Grass-Fed beef raised responsibly shipped directly to your door. Oh, my!

Jacob McDaniel's Portfolio, River Watch Beef

River Watch Beef, a responsive WordPress eCommerce website for buying 100% grass-fed beef.

Chris Kovac, a long-time advertising guru, friend, and marketer in the Kansas City region came to me, and he needed a website to sell the beef that he was raising on his family ranch. He said, “with your experience in AgLocal, eCommerce, and WordPress; you’re the perfect candidate to design and build what River Watch Beef needs.”

Being the former co-founder of AgLocal, a marketplace for the buying and selling of responsibly raised meat, and growing up on a farm in Western Kansas, this rang so close to home that I couldn’t resist working on the project.

River Watch needed a logo, a responsive website design, WordPress for managing the content, pages, and of course WooCommerce for selling the meat.

I started with the logo, and we went through a few iterations. Chris was looking for a design that resembled the “ranch lifestyle” and but still delivers the confidence of the family product.

Jacob McDaniel's Portfolio, River Watch Beef

Logos: 1-3 1.0

Chris requested a play on some colors.

Jacob McDaniel's Portfolio, River Watch Beef

Logos: 1.1

Finally, we had decided on a very simple, yet bold concept. We had shared with some future customers, and they had a connection with a “meat brand,” “confidence,” and “quality.”

Jacob McDaniel's Portfolio, River Watch Beef

Final Logo

Next, Chris had shared some example sites, content for the pages, and a very low-fidelity wireframe with me. River Watch Beef wanted to ship packages of assorted meats to your door along with the standard cuts of meat. This concept sounded very similar to the final days of AgLocal.

I began building the setup in WordPress and WooCommerce along with the pricing models Chris had given me.

I had just received access to the photography by Simon Kuo of nothing other than quality, premium, grass-fed responsibly raised meat.

It was beautiful!

Once I had seen the photography, I realized that I had to focus on emphasizing the meat as much as possible.

The latest design and fully functional eCommerce responsive website for River Watch Beef.

Jacob McDaniel's Portfolio, River Watch Beef

River Watch Beef Website

Jacob McDaniel's Portfolio, River Watch Beef

River Watch Beef Website

Feel free to peruse the cuts, packages, and hopefully; you will order yourself some premium grass-fed responsibly raised beef very soon.

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